3 de octubre de 2009

Evolver / Architectural Artefact in Switzerland

by students from ALICE studio at EPFL

"Evolver" es una elegante estructura en espiral construida completamente de madera que se encuentra junto a un bellísimo lago alpino cerca de Zermatt, Suiza.

Diseñado y construido por estudiantes de segundo año del ALICE studio en la Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, esta estructura alpina ofrecen una manera más interactiva para disfrutar de las vistas de las montañas gloriosas - especialmente el Matterhorn.

A continuación os dejo más información/descripción del proyecto por los estudiantes:


Evolver is an architectural artefact intervening on the panorama surrounding Zermatt.

It was designed and executed by a team of 2nd year students from the ALICE studio at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. In an effort to take full advantage of the site’s extensive and astounding views, the project sits strategically next to the lake Stelli at an altitude of 2536m.

Its structure mainly consists of a succession of 24 rotating frames supporting an enclosed space that visitors are encouraged to enter. As he or she progresses through the space, a concealed but uninterrupted 720° movement is unravelling along a transformed panorama.

This transformation occurs while inside a person is moving along a selective string of openings only to be caught peeling off a sequence of unexpected views from the original landscape.

Wobbling below and above a distant horizon, ground and sky have been reorchestrated into an orbiting panorama by a journey that has already culminated to where it started: A loophole on the skyline.

Fuentes: Inhabitat y Dezeen.

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