16 de mayo de 2009


Baltimore Infill Survey

Sections of Baltimore City (ie vacant lots and buildings) represent a huge and flexible resource for new and innovative reanimation. The Baltimore Infill Survey is a Flickr-based site that has been set up as a forum to discuss how this resource may be used.

You are invited to participate in this discussion. Just download the image at www.flickr.com/photos/baltimoreinfillsur vey/ and alter it with a possible vision for how these spaces can be used again. Any and all ideas from the very practical to the purely hypothetical are encouraged.

The photograph is of a middle of the block site (no longer existent as pictured) including occupied and vacant homes and vacant lots. The space between the buildings is approximately 85 feet (6 house widths). After you have modified your image just send it with any accompanying text to gkachadourian@promotionandarts.com.
Your image and the accompanying text will be posted.

This is an ad hoc project that is being coordinated under the auspices of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts and the Baltimore Design Conversation.

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